Mindset X


About the Band

A three piece Alt rock band from the New England area.

They say it is a fine line between artistic and insane. Insanity never holds back and artists never like anything they create. MSX formed on the basis of creating structure within insanity. Adam and Steve parted ways with their bass player in 2004 (under the name Saje) and met up with Jerry through Craigslist. Jerry was a steal for 14 roses. The rest is an ongoing history of musical insanity.

From their humble beginnings of jamming in a rented basement in the fall of 2004 to the success of opening for Korn, Sevendust & Hinder, Mindset X has evolved to one of the most well respected trios in the area. Mindset X has cemented their reputation as one of the hardest working bands around. They draw a fine line between art and music with intelligent lyrical content, experimental guitar and bass work, thundering drums and in your face vocals. Mindset X‘s unique style comes from the wide influences of each three members. From metal to punk to everything in between, they have never been afraid to cross musical boundaries.

Mindset X has released 3 full length albums from 2004 to 2010, all with their own lyrical unique theme. “Physics”, their 1st release, is hailed by some as one of the best local albums to come out of the New England area. And now, in 2011, MSX embarks on a new adventure by hitting the studio once again to record their follow up to their acclaimed LP “As Seen on TV” (2009).

Now more mature, more structured and maybe bit more insane the new Mindset X album is slated to be released in the spring of 2011 and has many ears waiting its release, including some key music industry contacts.

Oh, and the fans…MSX fans are one and only. From stickered cars, to musical junkies and tattoos there is no fan like a Mindset X fan. And the good thing is that it continues to grow.

With thousands of CD’s, merchandise and downloads from all over the world Mindset X is on the verge of reaching the next level of insanity.

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